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International Buyer


Sourcing/ buying the right products as per the requirement of the company

Main Tasks:

  • Sourcing/ buying the right products as per the requirement of the company.
  • Continuously monitoring market demand and supply for your required products.
  • Negotiate with the supplier/ manufacturer to get the product at the best price.
  • Make procurement contract with the supplier as per future demand, the contract can be long term or short term which is based on the product type.
  • Work for developing a good supply chain so that you can buy your required product easily.
  • Analyzing each and every buying opportunities available for a particular situation.
  • Place purchase order to the seller of a particular product or services
  • Estimate the future buying needs of your company.
  • Collecting sample product and analyze them in terms of price, quality, and availability for different suppliers and then make a buying decision.
  • Develop and maintain a buying database were you need to keep records of every buying product and update the status of every requisition placed by the different departments.
  • Check and verify all the required specifications of the purchased products.