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Middle East Battery Company,

a Clarios JV
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About Us


The Middle East Battery Company (MEBCO) is a joint venture between Clarios and prominent Saudi investors, engaged in manufacturing automotive sealed maintenance free batteries. MEBCO is located close to sea port dammam 2nd industrial city, Saudi Arabia.

MEBCO is the largest lead acid battery manufacturer in the Arab world started production in January 1998 with an initial capacity of 750,000 per annum and reached 3.4 million batteries per annum as on year 2010. MEBCO manufactures ACDelco automotive batteries for American, Japanese, Korean, and European models of vehicles.   Mebco also offers a full line of ACDelco Industrial, Heavy Duty and Marine Batteries.   MEBCO distributes to the entire GCC region, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and Jordan.

MEBCO maintains the highest quality standards being QS-9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified, environmental friendly.  MEBCO has also become ISO TS 16949 certified as of December 2004.

ACDelco Maintenance Free Batteries are 100% maintenance free which means you ‘install it and forget it ’.   These batteries NEVER need water or acid as they are SEALED and cannot be tampered with.  They offer a much longer life than the average battery sold in the Middle east market today using state of the art quality processes and the best material ensuring a long life. They are engineered especially for the hot climate of the Middle east and are produced in the region for the region providing the freshest possible product.   Finally, ACDelco stands behind the product with a 12-months international warranty throughout the Middle east.

ACDelco Maintenance free batteries are designed for the Middle East climate and especially for the hot conditions in the gulf area. Moreover, ACDelco maintenance free batteries have longer life with one-year warranty from date of purchase in all the Middle East countries and GCC. ACDelco Maintenance Free batteries are available in different sizes to fit all vehicle makes (American, Asian and European) and even marine and Heavy-duty applications.




The leading battery manufacturer in the Middle East and a benchmark for the industry, committed to providing total customer, employee and shareholders satisfaction.

Provide our customers with the highest quality battery product on time and at a competitive price. We strive to earn our customers loyalty and satisfaction, provide continuous development and motivation for our employees and achieve high return on investment to our shareholders while ensuring to have environmentally friendly product and process.


  • Make continual improvement the goal of every individual
  • Put quality in everything we do
  • Eliminate every form of waste
  • Use technology as a tool
  • Accept changes as an opportunity
  • Establish a learning environment at every level
Company history

MEBCO plant initially started with General Motors(GM), USA and Saudi partners. In early 2005, General Motors sold its world wide battery plants to Johnson Controls International(JCI, USA).

1995:Business license approved –21st dec,1995
1997:Start of plant construction
 :Start of  production –Nov,1997
1998:First battery shipped – 1st Jan,1998
1999:QS 9000 certified
 :ISO9001:1994 certified
 :Plant capacity expansion to 900K batteries
2001:ISO9001:2000 certified
2002:ISO 14001 certified
 :Plant capacity expansion to 1.20M batteries
2003:QS-9000 re-certification
 :Plant capacity expansion to 1.40M batteries
2004:TS16949:2002 certified
 :Plant capacity expansion to 1.70M batteries
2006:10 millionth battery manufactured –July, 2006
 :Plant capacity expansion to 2.30M batteries
2007:TS 16949 re-certification done
 :Plant capacity expansion to 2.75M batteries
 :MEBCO launched its own brand batteries - MEBCO brand for export
2008:Plant capacity expansion to 3.0M batteries
2009:Plant capacity expansion to 3.5M batteries