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  • ACDelco Brand Product Lines:
    • ACDelco BCI USA  (for American vehicles): Product models include series of 100-, 101-, 24-, 27-, 48-, 58-, 65-, 74-, 75-, 78-, 79-, 86-.
    • ACDelco BCI JIS (for Asian vehicles): Product models include series of NX-,NS-, N-. 70-, 50-, 55-, 34-.
    • ACDelco BCI DIN (for European vehicles): Product models include series of 20-, 27-, 30-, 37-, 90-.
    • ACDelco BCI Group 31: (for UPS and other applications): Product models include series of 1110, 1111, 1150, 1151, 1200, S2000.
    • ACDelco BCI Marine Heavy Duty (for Marine Applications): Product models include series of C24-, DC27-, M24-, M27-, N100ZMF.
  • MEBCO Brand Product Lines:  Complete range of automobile batteries for export under brand “MEBCO”
  • BLACK BOX Product Lines: Complete range of automobile batteries but without labels for exports.







ACDelco Batteries are available for GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Honda, Hyundai, Daewoo, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Peugeot, Opel, Fiat, and many other vehicle brands. AC Delco batteries are absolutely maintenance free batteries designed to suit the extreme climatic conditions of the Middle east. They last longer in the hot climate, and those ACDelco maintenance free batteries manufactured in KSA have a One Year Manufactures Warranty.






ACDelco deep cycle batteries are called upon to deliver smaller amounts of current over continuous periods of hours or days, rather than seconds. They are specially designed to withstand the special rigours of deep discharges and long recharges ACDelco Heavy Duty Marine Deep Cycle batteries have the combined benefits of a true deep cycle and calcium/calcium maintenance free Technology. These advanced Marine batteries offer excellent performance In the hottest temperatures and under severe use conditions. When starting is demanded, the ACDelco Deep Cycle Marine batteries are also designed to provided reliable starting power.


1.  Maintenance Free, Calcium/Calcium, heavy duty, tuir frame grids and plates.

2.  Exclusive high density plate paste- Lasts longer

3.  Exclusive deep pocket, polyethylene envelope plate separators
protects against internal short circuits for longer life.

4.  Vibration resistant design.

5.  ACDeIco hydrometer to accurate<y measure the state of charge while cycling,

6.  Convenient carrying handle for easy Transport and installation.

7.  Twin terminal marine design. Offers ability To handle multiple connections,

8.  Cover Is factory sealed for added strength,

9.  Built in flame arrester vents.

The ACDelco Dual Use Deep Cycle and Starling Marine batteries are also designed to withstand the special rigours of deep discharges and long recharges with a proven, thick plate, deep cycle, hybrid technology. Also, these batteries feature excellent starting characteristics.



ACDelco S2000 is a deep cycle battery, by design, with added endurance to withstand repeated discharges in excess of 20 percent depth of discharge (DOD). S2000 is best suited to 50% DOD, or less, with occasions to 80% DOD. Frequent equalization charges are required in deep cycle applications to achieve expected battery life. Equalization charges balance battenes in strings, cells in batteries and reverse acid strallt leaf ion within cell.


ACDelco S2000 battery is designed for the following applications when appropriately sized.

1.    Photovoltaic Energy Storage System (PV)

  • Single battery systems
  • Series Battery Strings
  • Parallel single battery or series string

2.    Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

  • Sized to the load that the system support using series and parallel configurations

3.    Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV)

  • Opportunity charging
  • Equalization charging during down time

4.    Cable Television Control Boxes (CATV)

5.    Remote Roadside Sign Illumination

6.    Portable Highway Caution Signs


Other applications that require storage of electrical energy.